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Peak Human Stamina:
Peak users of this ability are enabled to run for dozens of kilometers / miles and not lose breath. Additionally, they can exert themselves at peak capacity for 1 hour (though some have been known to go slightly longer) without use of rest before tiring or showing any sign of fatigue. For example, if the users is running a mile (4 laps), they will continue running for several miles without any sign of fatigue.
Enhanced Intelligence:
The user has intelligence that is significantly above standard genius level intellect; possessing exceptional intellectual capabilities, mental capacity and concentration, mental calculations, memorizatio
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MWEntIndustries's Profile Picture
MW Ent. Industries
United States
An aspiring company which produces comics, graphic novels, manga, novels, short stories, poems, music, plays, video games, board games, card games, and LARPG's. We hope to inject our own doses of innovation, quality, passion, diversity in characters, and variety in releases into multiple forms of media.

Some of our planned major titles include Shadowkat, the Emissaries of Justice, Raptor, Nightclaw, Ripper, Arch Eagle, Star Ninja, Tome of Avarice, Blood Moon & Ether, Midnight Owl, Tyron, Fatherland, Metamorphic Trials 101, Rampage, Razor, Paladins of Order, Grift, Nightshade, and C.E.: Cutting Edge. Some of our core characters include Shadowkat, Sensei Earl, Raptor, Nightclaw, Ripper, Arch Eagle, Cutting Edge, Obelisk, Midnight Owl, Vega, Electric Knight, Archon the Mad God, Ankh, Razor, Rampage, Ankh, Marlon Baptiste, Apax, Beetleman, Decibelle, Druid, Wolf, Thorn, Fall Thru, Bulldog, Seraphim, and Giles Cory.

Divisions of MW include The Jade (which is an all-ages group, with titles that hit audiences like those of classic Transformers or Danny Phantom) and Vindication Studios (which is a more mature, grounded branch, with titles including dark subject matter like rape, excessive violence, etc.. Not to say non-Vindication titles will not have such subject matter, it's just Vindication is more focused on that type of content).

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, our idea at MW is "the more, the merrier".



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

As you may've noticed, every really recent upload of Sambhav Sankhla's (sambhavsankhla) art onto our gallery has been done entirely traditionally, as opposed to the usual digitally colorized works we've mostly uploaded in the past. This is because Sambhav's PC, which he uses to color his art, has broken and it'll be a while before he can fix/replace it. On the other hand, he can always color this current stuff in future, once he is able to color again, plus he can knock out more art when he's not spending time coloring everything now.
As you may know, this month we started up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of our comic, The Odyssey: Initiation #1, created and written by George Pell, illustrated by Luke Horsman, character designs by Victor Koroedov, edited by Ethan Herbert, and published under our Jettison Zone imprint. And as you may know, it hasn't gone all that well since we launched and George decided to discontinue the campaign after some debate.

Now, this doesn't mean that The Odyssey is over. Far from it. The Odyssey is still considered one of our tentpole projects by many of us and we have no intention of quitting on it completely. And that doesn't mean that we're not going to return to Kickstarter. We don't have independent funding, so that's how we're going to go about things for some time, and we feel that we do have a strong enough comic that it can very well gain the necessary funding. There aren't many good comics in the vein of this series now, but we have a killer creative team, a neat world, and have our foundation settled. So why are we canning the campaign? We want to refocus on making a stronger relaunch. But before we can talk about our plans for the future, we need to look at and diagnose why the past failed, so that we don't make the same mistakes again.

The first big reason is that we launched in December. George talked about this on his Kickstarter announcement, but to further explain: December is a killing field for Kickstarters. Even established publishers like Red 5 Comics cannot ascertain funding during this month. Why? Well, it's the holiday season and people are spent on cash. They're not really going to look for a sci-fi action/adventure comic which comes out next year as a good thing to gift people for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday they celebrate. So why did we launch in December, knowing this? We wanted to have the comic finished by next summer and figured that our low funding goal plus the fact that "It's December, no one else is going to be launching their campaigns so we should shoot to the top!" Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Besides the fact that December is just generally a bad month to launch a Kickstarter, this month it was surprisingly swamped. The Odyssey got buried under over two dozen other comic Kickstarters, which severely limited our visibility. We've seen very slow months on Kickstarter where there were only a few noteworthy campaigns--it beggars belief how many other people launched on a notoriously terrible month. People often undersell the power of Kickstarter as a discovery platform. Most of the site's regular users aren't going on the site knowing what they want to back, and thus will find comics which Kickstarter recommends and pulls to the top. Not to be sour about it, but we have to wonder why our comic was so buried? The page was pretty thorough, the art was strong, the writing was great, and it was relatively polished. Also unique considering not many others are doing what we are. Very strange. Nevertheless, this certainly damaged our ability to be noticed.

Something else which we could've done with is more promotion. We didn't really try seeking out many media outlets, podcasts, and such until we had already started the campaign. Perhaps if we had gotten the word out more, that could've overriden the blackout we were getting via Kickstarter itself.

Another sticking point is the funding goal. Now, for a comic we actually had a pretty low and fair goal. Compared to the amount of money that a publisher like Action Lab, Image, Marvel, or DC would need, we were only really funding a limited print run and the rest of the art. However, we might've gotten more people interested if it were a bit lower and considered more attainable. Maybe instead of getting 12% done in a day could've been over 15% and given us more visibility/momentum.

The last point George and I came up with when we were brainstorming what happened, is that there weren't many big backer rewards for people to get excited for. Going in, we had a lot of ideas for possible rewards, but George understandably didn't want to saturate the campaign with too much stuff and potentially give too many choices. But looking at the campaign, it may have been seen as a bit threadbare and lacking. There are some crazy things other Kickstarters will have as backer rewards, and we didn't really have that.

So, how are we going to remedy these problems for our relaunch? 1) We won't be launching in December again. We're planning sometime between February and April. George has exams to do in January, and we have some other things he's going to be working on between now and relaunch. We will announce ahead of time when we're bound to launch. 2) We're going to be paying close attention to how many big comic Kickstarters are going on between that launch window we mentioned. We want to limit competition so that there's a better chance of our being noticed. 3) Before we relaunch, we're going to reach out to more indie/Kickstarter focused websites, blogs, podcasts, etc. and see if they'd be interested in giving our comic a shout-out. 4) The funding goal we had this time around was what it should've been for what we were doing, but when we relaunch we're going to have the print run as a stretch goal instead, with the campaign itself to fund a complete digital release. 5) We're coming up with new ideas for reward tiers and how to retool the ones we had, shuffling some stuff down to have them unlocked at lower tiers. Also, we may or may not have a plan for an exciting new stretch goal which may indeed pertain to an adorable Odyssey plush. We will take care not to overdo things and to keep it all attainable, stuff which we can conceivably do without killing ourselves with feature creep like some Kickstarters have done.

We're going to do all of these things and more besides. We're going to improve the presentation, add a lot more humor to the whole thing, and commission a new piece of artwork to celebrate the relaunch, which we're looking to have Victor do. This is not an end (well, technically it is :o (Eek) ), but rather a new beginning. We hope to make a better campaign so that we can get this awesome comic out there.

If you have anything you'd like to suggest, feel free to leave a comment below.

- Matthew W.
Special thanks to JacobSpencerKaiju79 for the core membership. It's very kind of him and we appreciate it very much. Anyone who hasn't already, be sure to check out his page and give it a look.

- Matthew W.
It seems that a lot of people are confused by who and what MW is.

This DA page isn't like most where it's ran by a single artist, and features art by that particular artist (or anything of their characters, etc.). We're a group, a studio, and on this page you will find work from any of our creators or art of any characters under our umbrella (that the creator of whom has made clear that they're cool with us uploading their art). Everything in MW is creator-owned (unless the creator has dictated otherwise). Don't get it twisted. Unlike Venom, we are NOT one.

- Matthew W.
So Mega-Gear just pointed out that there's a bit of a rabble-rouser on the DeviantArt superhero OC community trying to get people removed from the site over alleged grievances (even getting one popular creator removed from the site for a whole day).

Here are my thoughts:

Trying to get someone removed from the site for reasons you're not making anyone but yourself privy to is a fool's errand at best and trying to kick up a shitstorm at worst. Nobody wants this kind of drama, you're just going to end up uniting everyone else against you (as evidenced here). If this is indicative of the way you act in future, trying to get people removed for no clear reason, trying to get the reputations of said creators tarred, and then insulting people who understandably want nothing to do with you and your nasty crusade, then it is you who should be removed because you're nothing but a trouble maker who writes provocative messages in the vain attempt that it will somehow make people like you.

There are some positives when it comes to not being a huge entity on DeviantArt, and not being targeted in drama such as this is one of them. Hopefully, this farce is cleaned up shortly and everyone can go back to simply worrying about making interesting characters and stories. For future reference, MW is not interested in any of these sorts of witch hunts unless there is legitimate evidence to support claims against a given creator. We want nothing to do with people like this firestarter and would prefer that none of us be dragged into this mire of asininity. We will always support creators being able to actually use the site which they've contributed to for so long, no matter what differences may be had.

- Matthew W.

Journal History


40 deviations
Emissaries of Justice splash dos
An Emissaries of Justice splash by sambhavsankhla, Sambhav Sankhla. Characters include (from front to back): Jonah Kingston, created by Georgep67, designed by Sambhav. Decibelle, created by Matthew Werner, designed by Keishawn Thomas. Ether, created and designed by Edward Joseph. Rambha created and designed by Sambhav. Nova MK. 1, created and designed by 77-SwordStories, Tiarnan O'Grady. The Emissaries of Justice team itself created by Matthew.

This is the second of a few which Sambhav will be doing more of in future, we wanted to have a smattering of characters created by a medley of creators, so there are a lot of others you might notice who are missing again.
Net Weight by MrGreenlight
Done by MrGreenlight. Net Weight created and owned by Rydescho, DeWayne.

Remember that you can find more awesome Net Weight art over at the Rydescho page linked above!

Net Weight is a powerful robotic character for this digital age.
Draconian Confederacy trooper
Done by Pino44io, Victor Koroedov. The Odyssey created and owned by Georgep67, George Pell.

Since our now aborted Kickstarter campaign to fund The Odyssey: Initiation #1, George, Matthew Werner, and several other folks in MW have been brainstorming things to do to help boost The Odyssey's profile and build anticipation for our relaunch in the forthcoming months. On the 6th of this month, there was a small 2 hour long voice meeting held on Discord; one of the results from said meeting was the decision to begin posting Odyssey concept art by Victor on the main MW page. We hope to begin posting new art on a daily basis, effectively beginning an art marathon. As we get closer to the relaunch, we will give more information regarding it and possibly post the penciled and inked versions of the preview pages done by interior artist, Luke Horsman.

Here's art for the villainous shock troopers of the series: The Draconian Confederacy. A savage army hellbent on conquering the entire galaxy.
Emissaries of Justice splash
An Emissaries of Justice splash by sambhavsankhla, Sambhav Sankhla. Characters include (from front to back): Ankh, created by Matthew Werner, designed by Bruno Masson and Demitreus Toban. Maalik, created and designed by Mega-Gear, Sheeroz Khan. Blood Sable, created and designed by Rydescho, DeWayne. Ironcast, created by Tommy Stuart, designed by Sambhav. And Unit-1, created and designed by Sambhav. The Emissaries of Justice team itself created by Matthew.

This is the first of a few which Sambhav will be doing in future, we wanted to have a smattering of characters created by a medley of creators, so there are a lot of others you might notice are missing.


MW Commissions (merely stand-in, do not commission us from this widget)
Commissions will go entirely to the artists who do said commissions, but they can redistribute the funds to the company if they wish. Although mostly closed now, these commissions can be anything from stories to concept art to cover art, but will need to conform to the schedules of those members open to doing them, hence why they are currently closed off in regards to most of our creators.

Not all of our creators will wish to do commissions, even if they are the only one you wish to hire. Any artists who do the commissions will set their own schedules, so if you wish them to be done before a certain time this may not be the way you wish to have such work done. A list of creators who will be doing commissions will be listed below, as well as their respective roles and general themes they work on, and will change as schedules open up and close:

• Matthew Werner (writer, editor)
   > Will do superhero, fantasy, science fiction, pulp noir, supernatural, villain, and generally action, drama, adventure, and humorous stories, with target audiences ranging mostly from young adult to mature, with an exception to stories with a classic Transformers level of subject matter (so there can be some death but still hits a young audience). Inspirations include Alan Moore (Watchmen), Robert Kirkman (The Astounding Wolf-Man), Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun), Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), Peter David (Captain Marvel), Mark Waid (Irredeemable), Todd McFarlane (Spawn), Jay Faerber (Anti-Hero), Mark Millar (Wanted), Rick Riordan (Kane Chronicles), Ed Brubaker (Criminal), James Robinson (The Shade), Jeff Lemire (Animal Man), John Barber (Transformers), and John Layman (Chew).

Costs of commissions will vary between creators, length, number of characters, how much of the character is drawn, etc.. For more information, contact MW at, and we will give exact prices and an estimated time to completion.

Note these caveats before you decide to pay for commissions. 


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